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The Keys Edge Community Development District (the “District”) is a local unit of special-purpose government of the State of Florida established in accordance with the Uniform Community Development District Act of 1980, Chapter 190, Florida Statutes, as amended and by Ordinance No. 07-106 of the Board of County Commissioners of Miami Dade County, Florida (the “County”), effective August 3, 2007 and by the City of Florida City Resolution No. 07-14 approved March 27, 2007. Due to a scrivener’s error the District amended the boundaries of the District pursuant to County Ordinance No. 07-173, effective December 14, 2007. The District lands consist of approximately 82 gross acres lying wholly within the City of Florida City, located in the County and were developed as a residential community which when developed will contain 389 single family residential dwelling units, 174 townhome unit types and 624 flats (apartments). The District is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors elected by the Landowners of the District. To date the District has not issued any Special Assessment Bond Debt and the annual operating expenditures of the District are funded through a Developer’s Funding Agreement between the District and the majority Landowner/Developer.